Technology consulting

Brilliant ideas need creative, but rigorous processes to come alive. We help you to achieve maximum business impact

Concept design

Designing the big picture helps you think through what problems your products will solve, how it will solve them and what it will mean for your customers

We can help you with the ideation, story mapping and prototyping process

IT Strategy

What are the technology investments and capabilities you need to achieve maximum impact for your business?

We can help you think through your roadmap, capabilities, people & organisation needs and technology stack

IT architecture

Good systems are designed for agility, scalability and fault-tolerance

We can help you think through, plan and design using the right architectural patterns to suit your needs

Software development

Developing software is both an art and skill. We help you do it right

Project analysis & planning

Every project needs proper planning before starting to maximise the chance of success

We help you define crystal clear requirements, setup the right tooling and put in place the right processes to get you started

Software architecture

Translating your business requirements into software can be a daunting process.

We help you design the fundamental structure and patterns for your systems to ensure quality, efficiency and agility by design

Software engineering

Our engineers are fluent in various programming languages. Examples include:

Front-end: React, Angular, Vue.js
Mobile: Objective C, Swift, React Native, Kotlin, Flutter
Back-end: Python, Java, Node.js, C#, C++, PHP
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, DynamoDB
Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

Agile delivery

Our teams leverage Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to streamline collaboration between business and IT, and deliver working software in short iterations based on business priorities

Quality assurance

Make sure your software is bug-free, usable and build according to specifications

We have experts on software testing with years of experience that can help you avoid costly issues late in the development process by implementing early interventions

DevOps automation

Integration of development and IT operations ensures software is always ready to be deployed using automation, CI/CD pipelines and other techniques that streamline the process

We help you setup the tooling and processes needed to make deployment as easy as possible

Dedicated engineering teams

Expanding beyond borders while keeping your culture and promises in tact. We help you setup dedicated engineering teams faster and better than you could imagine

Capacity & expertise analysis

Which disciplines are needed to shape an effective engineering team? How much capacity is needed?

We help you answer these questions using proprietary methods based on years of industry experience


Looking only for the best engineers to join you team?

We help you attract, hire and retain people and setup a mutually beneficial relation from the start


Onboarding new people can easily consume too much of your valuable time. Time that can be spent on other important aspects of your business

We can help design a smooth onboarding experience for all your new hires, and ensure they are ready to start

Education & training

Technology never sleeps. In this fast-paced industry it’s easy to get behind if you don’t pay attention

We help you ensure your teams upkeep there knowledge and refine their skills to remain cutting edge

Team extension

Sometimes you need to quickly scale up your existing teams and infuse them with the necessary expertise. We help you extend your teams with additional engineering capacity